Adriel & Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

Nearly “66% of organizations were delaying office reopening due to COVID variants, according to a Gartner survey of 238 executive leaders. Companies like Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook and Starbucks have already postponed their return to the office.” Being able to operate as a team in a distributed way is here to stay. For agile marketing teams that means keeping the team aligned across geographies, campaigns, clients with a single, 360-degree view of real-time view of programs, campaigns and ad performance. Adriel can help you deliver the right message, to the right audience, at the right moment. We architected Adriel for that.

Adriel’s AdOps framework assumes all users, systems, and processes are required based on a user’s role and as such, require strict access control, regular monitoring, and a variety of strategies to safeguard data and make marketing operations more streamlined.

An important step in working across a marketing organization is the implementation of what’s known as role-based access control, or RBAC for short. RBAC helps organizations apply principles of least privilege access by controlling areas like:

  • Which features users can access
  • Which projects, campaigns and clients users can access
  • Whether users can edit organization- or team-wide settings
  • Whether users can edit projects and campaigns

With an eye on helping our customers implement programs, campaigns and 20+ platforms across their marketing technology stack – by platform and programs, Adriel is pleased to be able to offer one of the industry’s most granular, role-based access control for running advertising operations. In this blog, we’ll highlight the specific features of Adriel’s RBAC — and how your business can take advantage of them. Here is how the Adriel Dashboard works: 

Organization Roles

Adriel’s RBAC offers two different roles: organizations and teams. Organization Roles have access to all projects in your organization and/or permission to manage organization-level settings, such as billing information. This contrasts with Team Roles, which allow access to only specific teams and projects.

Agencies and Brands can determine the custom access level for each user based on their need and role. Agencies can now grant access based on workflows, and emend that access directly to clients through ad account & project-restricted invitations.

There are four different types of organization roles, which are outlined below:

Adriel role-based access RBAC

Team Roles

Team Roles give users the option to manage permissions and access on a team-by-team, client-by-client and campaign-by-campaign basis. They also enable administrators to create workflow groups, which limits access to projects to clients or team members. The Team Roles do not include access to organizational-wide features, like policies or billing information. 

Team Roles can also be used in situations that would limit access to certain data and information.

Brands and Agencies can also select from one of four types of Team Roles: Admin, Editor, Viewer, or Project/Ad account based.


Custom Roles


Different teams have different access control preferences, which is why Adriel’s RBAC allows for the creation of custom roles at both the organization and team level. For agencies, you can create teams based on clients or agency teams that work across multiple clients.

Once you select the type of role (organization or team), you’ll be able to pick and choose from a list of permissions. For example, you could assign a user a Team Role with permissions to manage specific campaigns or projects, but not have access to the entire overview for your organization. Or, you could assign a user an Organization Role with permissions to access all projects across the organization, specific campaigns, or import new projects — but not to access billing information.

Adriel’s role-based access control is available for all paying users and those enrolled in an official trial version. If you are interested in additional information about Adriel’s RBAC, please get in touch with our customer success team and we’ll be happy to help you get the most out of our solutions.