Which Media Channels Does Adriel Support?

Advertising success comes from which media channels you use and how you use them. This is why Adriel provides a large variety of channels to connect to, to be able to get the best insights, cross-platform, and allow you to not have to log in to dozens of different tabs to know how your marketing efforts are performing.

Following this vision, we’ve worked relentlessly at adding the widest variety of channels, starting with the ones that would mean the most for your digital marketing.

Adriel currently supports Google, Amazon Advertising, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, Apple Search Ads, Tiktok, Yelp, and LinkedIn with API connections. We work relentlessly at improving your user experience by adding more connections to Adriel, but in the meantime, if you have data from other channels that do not have an API or are not supported by Adriel (such as TV commercials), you can always manually upload your data and still enjoy all of Adriel’s features.

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Once your advertising accounts and trackers are connected to Adriel, the dashboard will display the data from every campaign ever run on your accounts and update it in real-time. The information from all of your data sources will now always be merged and beautifully summarized into one single workspace, without ever needing to collect or import sets of raw data from each channel.

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