April Wrap Up – 600+ Data Connectors, Color Clustering, Draggable Widgets, and More

Buckle up! We're about to take you for a ride through a host of game-changing features newly added to your dashboards.

Expanded Library of 600+ Data Connectors


What good is automation if it only covers 80 percent of your workflow?

Our team of movers and shakers have been working hard behind the scenes to make up for the missing margin and have successfully expanded our library to over 600 connectors. Email, sales, CRM, marketing, organic social, you name it, we’ve got it.

Color Clustering


Customized creatives are vital to improving lead acquisition and customer success. Of course, you knew that already. But combing through sheets after sheets of performance metrics shouldn’t be necessary to make out what the “right” creative looks like for future campaigns.

With color clustering, you get to see exactly which colors in your ad creatives drive performance for your KPI of choice. Hover your cursor over the colored dots to get insights on how you can leverage ad designs to spruce up creatives and hook your audience further.

Draggable Widgets


Did someone say better UX?

Whether it be campaign alerts, performance tables, or visualizations, we’ve brushed up our user interface to let you drag your widgets directly from the side panel onto your workspace.

Email Notification for CSV Files


Gone are the days when you had to go back and forth between tabs just to see if your CSV file was ready for export. Now, you can sit back and take care of other matters until your inbox dings with your very own download link.

More Time Range Options


We heard you. Our extensive list of preset time ranges now features the beloved "Week to Date" and "Month to Date" filtering options. Head on over to your dashboard to screen data by the week, month, or just about any time period you can think of!

Until Next Time

That pretty much wraps it up for us. Hope you enjoyed the ride, and stay tuned for more as we continue to amp up our catalog with groundbreaking features.

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