Embarking On

Embarking On a New Chapter with $13 Million Series B

Adriel started out as a tight-knit team of three. Our whole ethos back then was to lend small and mid-sized enterprises a hand in running successful campaigns across a select number of marketing channels.

In what seems like the blink of an eye, we've evolved into an ad operations platform of choice for leading brands across industries and geographies. We couldn’t be prouder to have helped over 6,000 companies ramp up ROI and reduce risks on nearly 32,000 campaigns.

Today, Adriel has hit another milestone.

It’s with great excitement we announce that Adriel has closed $13 million in a Series B round, bringing the total amount raised to over $19 million following our $1.5 million Seed Round and $5 million Series A debut in 2019. Among other institutional investors, Shinhan Venture Investment and LB Investment led the funding with participation from angel investors representing BTS label Big Hit Music.

Relentless Commitment to Excellence

“Digital marketing is a multibillion-dollar market that sees double-digit growth in ad spend each passing year. Adriel has emerged as the clear leader in this fast-growing industry with a full suite of features to drive higher operational efficiency and performance.”
- Ju-Hwan Park, Managing Director at Shinhan Venture Investment

The confidence our investors have in us is truly humbling. We owe it to them to continue providing an unmatched advertising experience and serve as an agent of change in all aspects of marketing operations.

With that being said, we’re putting the newly secured funding right to work by expanding our North American footprint and branching further out into business intelligence and marketing automation fields.

The Learning Journey

Our journey has been a one long learning experience.

Every company we’ve had the pleasure of working with taught us so much and we made it our mission to soak in all the lessons along the way. That helped us better understand the hurdles businesses face in today’s competitive marketing climate and develop a unique set of solutions to take on these challenges.

And, of course, the result is Adriel as you know today – a scalable end-to-end AdOps system that consolidates agile workflows across all stages of the marketing lifecycle.

Standout Platform

Adriel stands out from legacy solutions in more ways than one. But to name a few, our platform offers:

  • A complete single source of truth that provides a 360-degree view of all relevant metrics in a standardized format
  • Intelligent dashboards packed with visualization tools that keep data-driven insights at your fingertips
  • Interactive workspace featuring real-time alerts and reminders that allow for instant collaboration across teams and stakeholders

Rest assured, with this new round of funding, we’ll keep on breaking the mold with cutting-edge AdOps services designed to provide a seamless marketing experience and elevate brands’ digital presence.

Thank You

We’d like to spare the last few words to express gratitude for one last time.

And not just to our investors who’ve made million-dollar bets on our ability to grow and scale our business. But to our amazing team and clients who’ve made the past couple of years a dazzling success – thank you. None of this would’ve been possible if it weren’t for your continued dedication, support, and trust.  

It's for you we keep pressing forward.