How Can Marketers Streamline the Work-From-Home Era?

As COVID-19 unexpectedly spread across the globe, employees quickly packed up their belongings with the anticipation of being back in the office in a few short weeks. Well over a year (and countless Zoom meetings) later, many are now calling their makeshift bedroom desk their ‘new office space’ as companies – including Twitter, Shopify, and HubSpot – are opting to stay remote in the long-term.  

99% of workers have noted they’d like to continue working from home to some extent. By 2025, 36.2 million Americans will be working remotely, an 87% increase from pre-pandemic levels. With the stark shift in the landscape of the workforce, leaders are pressed to adjust their strategies to keep their employees united and aligned from miles away. If a remote work model isn’t properly implemented and managed, it can create ongoing challenges across the business. Organizations that leverage collaboration solutions to manage the remote workforce will be better suited to navigate the future of work – especially during the post-pandemic era of constant unknowns.

This will be true especially among marketers, who typically manage multiple, constant campaigns across disparate systems with different forms of reporting and, quite often, ineffective methods for connecting team members across various departments and offices.

Shape Adriel into a dedicated workspace for everyone
Adding new team members to your dashboard takes just a few clicks.

Trusted by more than 5,500 businesses worldwide to deliver higher returns on digital marketing efforts, Adriel’s intuitive platform lets users connect an unlimited number of ad accounts to a centralized dashboard. With each accounts’ data being automatically uploaded and updated in real time, users can access a complete view of the company’s marketing efforts in one place – from anywhere at any time – ideal for helping remote companies’ teams organize, monitor and control a large number of campaigns and easily share critical cross platform insights, making the work-from-home dynamic seamless.  

Adriel bridges the gap in communication by allowing everyone access to the same errorless performance data, instead of relying on reports and counter-productive back and forths between top management and internal teams. With 26% of workers looking for a new job post-pandemic, organizations can lean Adriel’s tools to quickly get new employees up to speed on ongoing ad campaigns.  

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