How is Adriel Different from Google Analytics

How is Adriel Different from Google Analytics?

You might be asking yourself, how is Adriel different from GA? Or what does Adriel have that GA doesn’t?

Adriel and Google Analytics work hand in hand to make your digital advertising experience the most efficient it could ever be. Google Analytics is a tool that allows you to track and analyze visitor traffic, and Adriel utilizes this tool and many others to help you monitor, manage and optimize all your paid advertising in one place.
Think of it as value-added: we know how important Google Analytics data is to your business, we simply believe that navigating this sea of data can sometimes be counter-productive, especially when other channels are involved.

Adriel’s software normalizes and combines the information from all your paid ad media channels and trackers -including Google Analytics and Pixel- into one single workspace. Our customers’ favorite part is that we also provide key performance indicators such as the “Cost” or “Ad Spend” data, which Google Analytics doesn’t.

While Google Analytics provides valuable information on your website’s traffic data, Adriel is focused on giving you the best insight regarding the real-time efficiency of your paid advertising channels. With our virtual dashboard, you can finally merge all of your campaigns, ad sets, and ad creatives, from every channel with their performance results such as cost, impressions, CPC, CPA, and ROAS.

Marketing metrics on Adriel's dashboard

Even better: While comparing performance results, you can edit campaign settings and reallocate budget directly from your Adriel Dashboard without having to log in to any other platforms. And, our custom alarm system also warns you in real-time of opportunities or changes in trends so that you can take immediate action to optimize campaign performance.

But that’s not it! We take it a step further by making your Adriel dashboard extremely customizable. Our tools, such as the Pivot Table, allow you to shape Adriel into the most user-friendly workspace for you and your team so that you can finally prioritize the metrics and numbers that matter most.

Marketing metrics on Adriel's dashboard

Are you looking to upgrade your digital marketing experience, save time, money, and make better returns from your advertising dollars without Google Analytics 360’s steep price point? Then look no further: Adriel is meant for you. Sign up today to start your free trial.