January Wrap Up - Pinterest, Reddit, Mailchimp, Overview 2.0, and More

You asked for it, we delivered! To start the year strong, we're bringing new features to keep your team performing at maximum efficiency - and focused on the tasks that matter.

So, what's new in Adriel?

Pinterest, Reddit, Mailchimp Integrations


Need to add more data sources to your dashboards? We've got you covered. Adriel now seamlessly integrates with Pinterest, Reddit, and Mailchimp for the ultimate central management experience. Automatically extract, clean, and visualize your ad performance data with 0 manual work. Did someone say time savings?

Overview 2.0


Upon popular demand, we're bringing new powerful features to a customer favorite: the Overview. You can now select any KPI to instantly visualize its evolution in time. Add aggregated metrics, custom analytics events, and even cross-platform custom metrics to your overview in seconds - with no limit on the number of widgets.


"Hey Josh, could you forward me the numbers for last week's North America campaign?"

Comments allow you to collaborate, leave notes, and tag team members anywhere you want on your workspace to instantly communicate KPIs and data-driven insights. With comments, you get to keep the marketing discussion where it belongs: with your data.

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