July Wrap Up - Data Merging, Shareable Links, Bubble Plot, and More

What better way to follow up last week’s updates on whitelabeled reporting than with a brand new batch of exciting new features?

Without further ado, here are the latest enhancements we’ve brought to Adriel.

Data Merging

Data wrangling is a necessary evil. Whether you rely on internal conversion models, import data from non-API-supported sources, or merge datasets to see how your marketing efforts are contributing to your business, you probably find yourself spending way too much time on clunky and outdated spreadsheets.

Knowing that all too well, we’ve developed solutions that empower you to manage your real-time data seamlessly.

Adriel now lets you merge data from all of your sources to create a self-updating custom report, free from entry errors and slip-ups.

Head on over to your dashboard now to play around with data blending, or get in touch with our solution specialists to learn more.

Shareable Links

Peep the Share button in the upper right corner of your dashboards?

We heard you. You don’t always want to invite new users to your workspace to share information. Now, you can generate unique URLs to give read access to any report from your workspace to any external stakeholder you’d like.

Bubble Plot

We’ve lent another dimension to our robust visualization game by adding a third variable that automatically adjusts the size of the bubbles on scatter plots.

This way, you’ll be able to cross-reference three variables instead of two, which broadens the scope of analysis and enhances your understanding of the patterns and trends binding different data points together.

Responsive Sidebar

For users who interact with their dashboards through small screens, the sidebar can sometimes hinder having a clear view of dashboard content.

So, we went ahead and updated our UX design to accommodate a collapsible sidebar.

Mobile or low-resolution, feel free to work on your dashboards on any device.

Stay Tuned

Hope you love these new features, and before you know, we’ll be back with another series of fixes and improvements.

In the meantime, follow @adriel.ads on Instagram and @AdrielMarketing on LinkedIn and Twitter to stay up to date with everything Adriel.