March Wrap Up

March Wrap Up - New Visuals, Access Rights, Resizable Widgets, and More

You guessed it right. We’re back with brand new features to make campaign tracking even easier.

Without further ado, let’s take a peek under the hood of our latest updates.

Enhanced Access Rights


Our goal is to make you feel at home whenever you’re on our workspace. And it’s only right for you to choose who gets to go through your drawers.

That being said, as an administrator, you now have complete control over who sees what down to an individual project level. Make yourself at home with enhanced access rights.

Improved Dashboard Layout


We’ve been tinkering with the layout to make your dashboards even more effortless to use. With a number of plugins in the pipeline ready to be installed, we figured it’d make more sense to bring down the navigation bar to the side and switch up the background color to plain white for optimal legibility.  

Resizable Widgets


Dashboard widgets are now resizable. Once customized with reports and metrics of choice, widgets can be expanded (or collapsed) to put relevant data on full display.

Word Cloud


We’re always on the hunt for opportunities to expand our offering. For the past few weeks, our focus was locked in on stepping up our creative intelligence game, which starts with the launch of the Word Cloud. From ad networks to MMPs, the Word Cloud maps out the keywords driving the highest performance across different channels for your KPI of choice.

More to Come

We’re thrilled to keep putting forward more features that can help you advertise smarter and grow faster. To stay up to date with everything Adriel, follow on Instagram and @AdrielMarketing on LinkedIn and Twitter.