Tips to Increase your Landing Page Conversion Rate

Tips to Increase your Landing Page Conversion Rate

Analyzing and adjusting landing page

You might have come across the term “landing page” when dealing with online advertising. A landing page is more than just a website, it is an opportunity to capture and convince your potential customers to make a conversion. No matter how appealing your ads may be, the real sale begins with the landing page.

What is a landing page?

Simply defined, a landing page (or landing URL) is the first web page that is displayed when clicking on an ad, email, or other marketing channels.

There is a false perception that the landing page is the main page of your website. Although the home page can be used, a landing page can be any destination within your website and should be set according to the campaign goal you want to achieve. For example, if you are promoting a specific product, setting the product page as the landing URL will most likely result in lower bounce rates and higher purchase conversions.

3 landing page tips to increase conversion rate

  1. Relevance to the ads
Landing page for Facebook ad

Having the landing page relevant to the ad is crucial. When a customer shows interest in a product through an ad and lands on a page that is irrelevant to the specific product, the chances of a customer leaving without interest or a purchase increases significantly. On the other hand, directing users to the relevant page will not only create a positive experience and save the customers time, but also boost conversion rates.

2. Product information page

Ads that promote a specific product should take users to a page where they can find more information about the product. Guiding potential customers to the relevant product description minimizes unnecessary steps towards a conversion.

3. Call to Action button (CTA)

Call to action button on home page

A clear call to action button can make the biggest difference in converting prospects to customers. A convincing CTA button helps users move down the sales funnel smoothly. Without it, a user can wander around your website and eventually leave without knowing the next step to take. Your CTA button should be clear and enticing so that website visitors are motivated to move onto the next step of the sales process.

Adriel Success Case

An Adriel user who runs an online jewelry store has found meaningful results by simply changing the landing page of the ads. The number of conversions was 7 times more with the product page as opposed to using the main page.

Earring category page

Key Takeaway

There are many factors that play an influential role when creating a landing page. Ultimately, having the mindset of creating a smooth experience for users will result in higher engagement and an increase in sales.

Implement these tips to your website and boost your ad performance with Adriel today!